Blog 5 – Plans for Summer Vacation

Hi, my friends! Long time no see!

Now, I am going to introduce my vacation plan because there is only a few days left.


First, let me tell you about my travel plan.


I planned to travel nationwide this summer vacation. I was always dreaming about my dream and I planned to try my first 20 years. Travelling alone was one of my boyhood. I like traveling with my friends, but I think there are many good things to do on my own trip and I think I have a lot of things to learn. While traveling across the country, I will grasp the characteristics of each region and discover the attractions of places everywhere. I go to famous places and make my own famous places. Also, I will visit the delicious restaurants. I will make my own map. They travel alone, cultivate independence, and build relationships with new people. This vacation is not long, so it is difficult to go to every region. So I plan to go back to the big cities. Our country has train stations in all of its big cities. So I will travel by train. Trains are a great way to travel and make great memories and experiences. I will go to Gangwon-do, Seoul, Gyeonggi Province, Daejeon, Daegu, Gwangju, Busan, Ulsan, and Sejong. I think traveling makes us a lot of experience. Traveling alone makes me look back and make me think of myself more. Still, if traveling alone is scary, I think it is not too bad to travel with your best friend. Many people are expected to have a lot of conflict if they travel together. I recommend you visit the place where you want to go to visit once in your twenties.


Second, I try to talk about part time job.



I have an interesting job interview since I’ve seen it before. It’s a part-time job at an amusement park. There are some people who enjoy entertaining rides, and that’s the part-time job I want to do. The reason why I want to do this is that it seems interesting, and I hope people enjoy the rides more interestingly. And I love meeting new people. The amusement park wants to do this because it can be a chance to interact with many people because it is a place where many people come and go. Since amusement parks are a place where many people visit, it is an opportunity to interact with many people. So I want to do this job. If I pass the application and pass the examination, I will collect the money during the vacation and spend the money as my pocket money during the semester. Now that I become an adult, I am sorry to rely on my parents, and I am trying to do my own thing by myself. Then, I will buy gifts for my parents and younger siblings, and I will save money and spend the rest of my life traveling with my friends later. Do you guys plan to do part time job during the vacation? If so, I hope you choose to have a good experience. My mom said that even a short working time would have a big impact on your life in the future. So, I hope my friends who work part time can work hard to do a good job while working hard. So, I hope that my friends who work part time will be able to do something that can make a good experience.


Third, I will introduce about my plan for studying.



Vacation is a good time to study poorly. So I think I will study English for TOEIC during this vacation. TOEIC is a necessary test for later employment. I plan to study using vacation because I think it will help me study for the future. I am not good in English. Specially, English grammar portion is too difficult for me. So I will build up the basics of grammar again to complement that part. My goal is to improve my English grammar skills during this vacation because it takes a huge portion of my TOEIC test. I don’t know if I can do anything I want to do during the vacation, but I will try to work hard. After this vacation, I hope to do English better.


Fourth, I want to tell you about my hometown during the vacation.


I originally live in Jecheon, North Chungcheong Province. So, I live in dormitory during the semester, but I can not live in dormitory during this vacation. So I decided to stay at the grandmother house in Seoul. The grandmother house is located in the city of Jungnang-gu, Seoul. It takes about 25 minutes by bus from the school. The grandmother house is convenient for transportation, so I think it will be good to live during the vacation. But in summer, I dread because of the hot weather. Because there is no air-conditioning in my grandmother house. But with the help of protecting the environment, I try to stand the heat with the fans. Everybody cheers for my summer vacation!


What are your plans for summer vacation? If you have any plans, please introduce them! Lastly, I will cheer for your first vacation in college! Cheer up!


Blog3 – My Favorite TED Talk

hello~ my subscribers. How’s your weekend? Today’s posting is about TED talks.


The video title is ‘What happens when you have a disease doctors can’t diagnose’


The talker who talks about her life is named ‘Jennifer Brea’ Just five years ago, she was very an ordinary person. But now she can’t live like other normal people. She cannot do anything herself. She was a PhD student at Harvard, training to be a social scientist.


Jennifer had studied statistics, probability theory, mathematical modeling, experimental design. But she couldn’t even draw the right side of the circle because of the symptom of the nervous system. Other times she wouldn’t be able to speak or move at all. She met every kind of specialist: infectious disease doctors, dermatologists, endocrinologists, cardiologists. Even a psychiatrist. But her psychiatrist said, “It’s clear you’re really sick, but not with anything psychiatric. I hope they can find out what’s wrong with you.” Her illness was impossible to prove because of lack of evidence.


The next day, her neurologist diagnosed with conversion disorder. The symptoms were real, he said, but they had no biological cause. However, she could not simply deny the diagnosis of a neurologist because she often knew that she was often opposed to her intuition and was easily opaque by what we wanted to believe. So she decided to try a small experiment. She walked off two miles from the neurologist’s office to her house. She said that her legs were electrified and her brain and spine felt strange. And as soon as she arrived home, she finally fell down. And the tiny noises, the rustle of the bed sheets, and the barefoot feet of her husband came to her with excruciating pain. After all, she had to spend half of her time on the bed almost two years. She got a misdiagnosed because of the lack of biological evidence. At all, her disease was called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Generally called chronic fatigue syndrome.


During her two years of bed, she began communicating online with people suffering from diseases like her. She found that between 15 and 15 million people are suffering from the disease. And in recent years, they have been working on a little bit of research in Germany, Japan and the United States. In Norway, researchers are experimenting with cancer drugs in several patients. Through online communication, she grew up with the vitality of her life, and now her health changes everyday. She says we would have saved more lives if we were all interested in the disease and asked the right question. It also stresses that it will not be repeated again in science and medicine until it changes its current system and culture.


First of all, as a prospective nurse, as a nursing student, I am very interested in teaching about medical science. And I am also curious about these incurable diseases or diseases that have yet to be discovered. To be a good nurse, I watched the video because I thought the interest in disease is essential. I think there is a need for many researches, psychological, scientific, and medical research in multiple fields for patients who are suffering from many disease. Nursing a patient is a nurse’s calling and a fundamental role, so we should care more about the medical profession.


We will face a situation where we can not cope with all patients suffering from incurable diseases and can not help improving the direct medical conditions. We will need to look at ways to effectively nurse patients in case of this situation.We are learning basic of study as a nursing student, and There are still a few friends who are not a lot of interest in nursing. I think it will be easier to adapt to the nursing department, if you are interested in all the phenomena and diseases that happen around us, not just studying. We are the first grade in nursing science, so when my friends watch this video they will have more enthusiasm for studying nursing.

There is the link of the TED Talk video. I hope you guys also watch this video, and think about the health situation in the medical profession. Thank you *^^*

Blog 2 – Likes and Dislikes of Sahmyook University



Today I’ll Introduce about like and dislike things of Sahmyook university.

There are so many things I like in the school. So it was so hard to pick it.


At first, I will introduce the good things of my school.


1.  My school has a many trees and flowers. It is a natural friendly campus, so the air is fresh. So every morning when I breathe in it feels very healthy.  At spring there are many flowers in the campus. So many students take pictures with flowers. Also me too~hhh. Our campus is called ‘Green Campus’. I agree of that nickname. Sahmyook campus is very green and natural friendly.




2. The school bus is free for the students. I heard that some of the university’s school bus have to pay it. So I like this system of school bus. Also bus can takes many students. So many of the students are taking the school bus.




3. In the dormitory it has a study room and fitness center. Many students are using it. And I think this is very useful. But I have not yet gone, I intend to use fitness center after midterm examination. Because summer is coming soon, I need to get rid of my tummy.




4. In the dormitory it has also elevator. My room is in the third floor It is difficult to climb the stairs especially after the morning worship time. So usually I use it. The elevator is the lifeblood of my dorm life.


Next, I will introduce the bad things in my school.


1. I said the school bus is comfortable. But what I dislike is the bus time. Sometimes when students get too crowded, all students are unable to catch up with them, and students are often late for class. Also, buses didn’t run late. So students who study late at the library are not able to use school buses. The solution to this problem is to decrease the interval of buses in the morning and help students get to school faster. Also, I want to place the bus at least once every hour at night.




2. In the dormitory four students uses one room. Living with four people is fun, but sometimes it is uncomfortable. We have each other’s time, but when many people live together, they are often interrupted by their own time. Also, there are more fights because they have different lifestyles. I think it is best for two or three students to live together.




3. It is also a problem for dormitories. We use bunk beds. The second floor is uncomfortable because the gap between the mattress and the ceiling is very narrow. When you sit on the bed, your head reaches the ceiling, and when you raise your legs, you touch the ceiling. So my friend lay down, she stretched her foot and she broke the ceiling. I think it would be a little easier if I could use a little lower mattress.


Finally, I love many things in my school. The inconvenience of living is very small things, so I am very satisfied with my school life. However, many friends are expressing their discomfort at the time of the school bus. So I hope schools will solve only the problem of school bus.

Now the story is finished. See you on the next posting~~!

Blog 1 – Self Introduction

PicsArt_03-10-06.46.32Hi, my Korean name is Yoon, Yein and also my English is Yein.

And I live in Uirim-daero, Jecheon-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Republic of Korea. So now I’m in dormitory at the Third floor. The room is too small for four students to live. But my roommates are so nice and cool. Thus I cannot feel this room is too small.

And then I go to school on foot. when I arrive at the classroom it takes only 10minute. It’s very comfortable to go school.

My hobbies are Bowling, baking, and traveling. I like traveling the most. But I didn’t go traveling many times. So I will go to many countries when I can earn the money.

In the winter vacation I work at the English language institute. I was the program checker in the office. Then I earn the money but my money was too little to go traveling.

I’m nursing student in Sahmyook University. I think Nursing is very useful major. Because We can care the patients to get well. So I think that’s very meaningful work. That was my motive to apply at the Nursing major.