Blog 1 – Self Introduction

PicsArt_03-10-06.46.32Hi, my Korean name is Yoon, Yein and also my English is Yein.

And I live in Uirim-daero, Jecheon-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Republic of Korea. So now I’m in dormitory at the Third floor. The room is too small for four students to live. But my roommates are so nice and cool. Thus I cannot feel this room is too small.

And then I go to school on foot. when I arrive at the classroom it takes only 10minute. It’s very comfortable to go school.

My hobbies are Bowling, baking, and traveling. I like traveling the most. But I didn’t go traveling many times. So I will go to many countries when I can earn the money.

In the winter vacation I work at the English language institute. I was the program checker in the office. Then I earn the money but my money was too little to go traveling.

I’m nursing student in Sahmyook University. I think Nursing is very useful major. Because We can care the patients to get well. So I think that’s very meaningful work. That was my motive to apply at the Nursing major.