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Daily note 33 : yellow fan-meeting

I went to yellow drama fan-meeting

when the fan-meeting start I was so so excited.

I loved that drama and the actor.

My heart was pit-a-patting.

the singer of the drama ost came and they sing a song for us.

The singer was Car, the garden and Melomance.

I love these singer.

I was so happy😉❤️❤️

when the actors came out I was so so happy

They were really pretty and handsome..❤️

They are so beautiful…💕

they gave us a present

It was yellow blanket💛

The fan-meeting was really funny and fantastic👻

It was wonderful day💛💛💛

Daily note 26 : A film review 1 : ‘Annabelle’

I will write a film review for you.

Because I think some of you guys are didn’t watch it.

So I will introduce for you.

First film review is ‘Annabelle’

I watched this at the vacation.

It was hot summer. 

And I was so afraid to watch it

But Annabelle was not very scary that much.

It was so so~

Few of scene was shocked but it was okay.

Try it~ it was not scary😊

You can do it!

Daily note 25 : Sinchon with my friends

 We had a task for liberal arts class.

Our class is Biophysics and Myrismics.

So we should watch a Ballet Theatre.

First, we arrive at Sinchon

And then we go to eat dinner.

We ate dakgalbi 

So very delicious❤️❤️

Next we go to watch the Ballet Theatre.

The theater was so nice..
It was so fantastic😦

And the story was really touching!

The Ballet Theatre was first time for me.

But it was successful!

I want to watch another Ballet Theatre too.